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93+   2005  Domaine du Closel  Chateau des Vaults  Savennieres  Clos du Papillon   4/28/13 ($28)

100% Chenin Blanc   14.5% alc  
Color: Deep straw yellow. (3.0) Bouquet: Minerals and beeswax with intensity and elegance. (3.5) Body: Outstanding acidity/minerality with a rich, tangy mouthfeel and excellent fruit. Light heavyweight. (3.5) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but not quite as intense. (3.0) Finish: Long with tangy minerals feeling grainy in the mouth. Citrus, musk and bitter quinine linger. (3.5)
Overall: An intense Savennieres with concentrated minerals, beeswax and interesting musky citrus flavors. Rich, but dry as a bone and not heavy with impressive elegance in spite of its intensity. Will likely get even more complex as it develops over the next 5 years. (16.5)

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