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88+(?)  2006 Woodside  Santa Cruz Mtns Pinot Noir   12/9/11 ($36)

  14.1% alc
Color: Medium black cherry with slight browning. (3.0) Bouquet: Autumn leaves, red raspberry and maraschino cherries. (3.0) Body: Solid middleweight with excellent fruit and acidity, but slightly candied. Lively in the mouth and coats with some tannin. (3.0) Flavor: Delicious red cherry and raspberry fruit. Excellent acidity keeps its candied aspect in check. (3.0) Finish: Candied flavors come out a bit more here. (2.5)
Overall: Candied cherry and red raspberry stick out a bit in the beginning and end, but resolve in the flavor due to excellent acidity and autumn leaf complexity. Could improve in the next 2-4 years as it gains more complexity, if the candied flavors can integrate more. (14.5)

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