Tasting Note                         

95   1993 Compte de Vogue Chambolle Musigny   10/11/03($46)

Color: Deep Burgundy with onion skin saying ready, but not much clearing. Amazing for a 10 yr old village wine.(4.0) Bouquet: Black truffles and mint, intertwined with cranberries, pistachio and beef broth. Rich and concentrated, but oh so elegant and silky.(3.5) Body: Wonderful acidity and compelling rich P.N. fruit with the nuances of Chambolle surrounding. A heavy middleweight.(3.0) Flavor: Concentrated pistachio and India spices with tart cherry and good acidity. A lot of life left!(3.0) Finish: Parallels bouquet with cola added, nuances are long and subtle, lasting more than half a minute.(3.5)
Overall: Well, I tried to hold myself back, but just couldn’t. This village wine is Great!! I was expecting a wine that was just holding its peak and find one that has just reached it. My last bottle, man should I have bought more of this, today it sells for $80+. A little much for village wine, but this drinks like top notch 1ier Cru. Only a couple of other village wines that I have ever had that I could even mention in the same breath as this. Is it worth $80? Maybe, or maybe only $60, but the name Compte de Vogue is legendary and has never disappointed this taster. Of course, I’ve only had a few, deeper pockets would help here.