Tasting Note                          

91       1997 Ridge Lytton Springs    1/21/08 ($26)

80% Zin, 15% PS, 2% Carignane, 2% Mataro, 1% Grenache   14.9%alc
Color: Deep garnet with a little onion skin. Outstanding for its age. (3.5) Bouquet: Zinberry with cocoa and excellent acidity. (3.0) Body: Solid middleweight with excellent fruit and acidity.(3.0) Flavor: Parallels bouquet. (3.0) Finish: Parallels flavor, showing length in fruit and acidity. (3.0)
Overall: It's developed and very tasty. An excellent LS that I enjoyed very much, but when I consider some of the other Ridges from this vintage, such as the Pagani Ranch, Geyserville and Paso Robles in Zin, this pales in comparison. I felt from early on that the LS was one of the lesser Ridge wines from this really great vintage. Still a very solid wine that has aged well. (15.5)