Tasting Note                         

91      1991 Ridge Santa Cruz Mtns Cabernet 5/21/05 ($22)

Color: Medium garnet with some onion skin and clearing, so time to drink. (3.0) Bouquet: Acidity coming on over tannin, implying totally ready and then some. Has smoky brown sugar and over ripe banana, combined with smooth cassis and black ink. Pretty with interesting complexity. (3.0) Body: A little weak, but impressive for its appellation and age. Excellent acidity and a touch of tannin supporting fading, but tasty fruit. (2.5) Flavor: This is its strongest suit with smooth cassis and ink with a flamed bananas complexity (delicious). Dry, yet smooth tannins and acidity supporting. (3.5) Finish: Here it tastes like a younger wine with tannins and fruit being long, rich and smooth. Similar to the flavor, but more youthful. (3.5)
Overall: At first, tasting a bit tired, but with some air it opened into an old claret-styled, complex, interesting and tasty wine. Certainly not what it was 1.5 years ago, when last tasted and at its absolute best, but still at the edge of peakness and getting ready to slip over the hill. (15.5)