Tasting Note                          

88   2002   Ridge Home Ranch Chardonnay      9/16/05 ($38)

Color: Light gold. (2.5) Bouquet: Rich pear and honey with strong almondy oak. This combination smells like marzipan, but it has taken an hour or so of air to bring this out (was closed at first). (3.5) Body: Has a high-viscosity mouthfeel with solid fruit and more than enough oak, also excellent acidity. (3.0) Flavor: Sweet pear with excellent acidity and somewhat bitter oak. Not totally obnoxious, but very prevalent. (2.5) Finish: Parallels bouquet, and long, but oak becomes even more bitter here. (2.5)
Overall: A wine of very high quality with excellent viscosity and fruit. Unfortunately, the oak is overdone. Its saving grace is that the high acidity still keeps it lively. Let it sit for 2-5 years and pray that the oak integrates.