Tasting Note                         

91    2001 Ridge Paso Robles Zin    9/26/03($22)

Color: Deep purple-garnet, deeper than usual.(4.0) Bouquet: Some pungent alcoholic-acidity is intermingled with intense super-ripe, but not overripe, spiced plum, blackberry and fig. Interesting rosemary and tree bark infusion within the fruit (3.0) Body: Wonderfully concentrated fruit and acidity, but a bit hot at this point. I suspect it will smooth at least partially within the next couple of years.(2.5) Flavor: Parallels bouquet step-for-step. After an hour in decanter, it’s smoothing and delicious. Has an intriguing gaminess.(3.0) Finish: Parallels flavor with an added butteriness, showing the rich style of finely made Paso Robles Zin.(3.0)
Overall: This vintage of PR has the most personality since the ‘97. An intense, delicious wine, showing the distinctive character of PR Zin. At this point it is somewhat hot and biting, but does subside with air. Give it 2 yrs to smooth. If it follows in the footsteps of the ’97, it will be at its best at about 6 yrs old. Keep your fingers crossed, but even now it is very enjoyable.(15.5)