Tasting Note                         

87  NV  Reynal  Vino de Aquja  Frizzante - Red (by Pinord - Spain)  1/2/11 (close out $7, originally $13)

Color: Medium brick red. (2.5) Bouquet: Subtle red clay, mineral and ripe raspberry fruit. (3.0) Body: Light middleweight showing excellent balance. Lively in the mouth. (2.5) Flavor: Parallels bouquet. (3.0) Finish: Even more red clay character, but shows a little sweetness here. (2.5)
Overall: A refreshing, food-friendly Red Frizzante sipper. Tastes a lot like a good Lambrusco. Goes well with salty cheeses, snacks, salami, bread and olives or just by itself. Worth the original asking price and an outstanding value at $7. (13.5)


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