Tasting Note                         

90  2007  Ottimino  Zinfinity (aka "Little 8") Sonoma County   11/27/10 ($16)

       13.9% alc  all Russian River Valley Zinfandel as far as I can tell
Color: Medium deep purple garnet. (3.0) Bouquet: Black pepper and subtle blackberry and blueberry with a little cedar. (2.5) Body: Soft, silky mouthfeel with very good fruit and just enough structure to support. (3.0) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but more giving. Smooth and subtle fruit and acidity with some distinctive spice underneath. (3.0) Finish: Very good acidity and complementary cedar come out here to allow its subtle beauty to linger for 30 seconds. (3.0)
Overall: For those who say that Zinfandel is too big and blatant to achieve the subtlety of say Pinot Noir, Try This. A deceivingly soft and simple bouquet, lead to a flavor and finish, which are full and satisfying, yet elegant and modest in scale. Shows pretty blue and black berry fruit with subtle nuances of black pepper and cedar, even a hint of milk chocolate. For a Zinfandel in this price range with a Sonoma County appellation, it wows me. A must try for Zin Haters and Lovers alike. This really makes one question what Zinfandel can be or should be. Drink now and in the next few years. Can be drunk by itself or with a variety of foods, just nothing too heavy. (14.5)