Tasting Note                         

88      2002 Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir        8/6/04 ($16)

Color: Pretty, light black cherry. Transparent, but hints at some depth.(2.5) Bouquet: Red raspberry and strawberry with a hint of beef broth and aromatic acidity.(2.5) Body: Nice balance of fruit-to-acid with PN silkiness and complexity, making it interesting. Impressive for a light middleweight.(3.0) Flavor: Bright strawberry fruit propelled by acidity. Has interesting herbal and smooth oak components combined with beef broth. Very tasty.(3.0) Finish: Long and delicious, paralleling flavor.(3.0)
Overall: An impressively silky, fruity, rich and subtle PN. The best PN from New Zealand that I have tasted. It is bright and fruity like PN from California, but is drier and more reserved. An excellent value. In quality and style, I might compare it to a Givry by Joblot ($25-$35) on the light side minus the Burgundian terroir.(14.0)