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88   2008  Chateau de Haute-Serre  Cahors   5/12/13 ($18)

mostly Malbec plus some Merlot    13.5% alc
Color: Deep black garnet. (3.0) Bouquet: Black plu and dried black currants with a slight balsamic vinegar-like spiciness. Dusty and chalky earth. (3.0) Body: Light heavyweight with very good acidity, tannins and fruit. Tangy mouthfeel. (3.0) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but less interesting. (2.5) Finish: Parrallels flavor, but acidity makes it lively. (2.5)
Overall: Rustic Bordeaux style, typical of Cahors, but accessible. Shows dried fruit flavors with acidity and smooth tannins keeping it lively and balanced. Personally, I'd rather drink this than many a Bordeaux Bourgeois Chateau of comparable quality because I think its rustic edges give it more character. Drink now with a 2 hour decant or wait 3-4 years to see if the flavor and finish can become as interesting as the bouquet. (14)

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