Tasting Note                         

88+   2007 Chehalem  INOX Chardonnay Willemette Valley   5/22/09 ($18)

 13.5% alc
Color: Medium light yellow. (2.5) Bouquet: Very pure, tart pear and yellow and green apple with crisp acidity. Very precise. (3.5) Body: Middleweight with excellent fruit and acidity. (3.0) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but not as intense. A little light in the mid-palate. (2.5) Finish: Parallels bouquet, but again not as intense. Although, long and elegant, almost delicate. (3.0)
Overall: Pure, precise Chardonnay with no oak. Very well-balanced and, unlike many others in this style, this is not too sweet or lacking in structure. My only complaint, which makes me hesitate to give it an excellent rating is a slightly thin mid-palate, but this may fill-in with time, based on the strong finish. This really challenges the norm of what American Chardonnay should be. I like it! Serve at cellar temperature, 55°F. (14.5)