Tasting Note                          

85   2005 Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay Robert Young Vnyd.    3/9/08 ($22)

14% alc
Color: Light yellow. (2.5) Bouquet: Golden apple and pear fruit with some buttery oak. (3.0) Body: Middleweight with good fruit, acidity and buttery oak. Balanced. (2.5) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but less interesting. (2.5) Finish: Parallels flavor, but even lighter. (2.5)
Overall: This is very typical, decent Sonoma Chardonnay, think K.J. Vintners Reserve from a good year, but doesn't offer anything more than good fruit with some buttery oak. Enjoyable, but Ho Hum boring. Not worth the price. (13.0)

Note: All of the Ch. St. Jean wines I've had in the last couple of years (mostly whites) seem to be of lesser, more generic quality than I remember. Never a favorite of mine, but I've always thought of them as a very good large-scale producer. I'm now having my doubts about this assumption.