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93+   2008   Carlisle   Carlisle Vineyard Zinfandel (Russian River Valley)    8/5/18  ($47)

87% Zinfandel, 13% Mixed Blacks and Whites (Alicante Bouschet, Petite Sirah, Grand Noir, Peloursin, Tempranillo and other varieties)   14.8% alc 325 cases
Color: Very deep garnet. (3.5) Bouquet: All kinds of wild berries (boysenberries, blackberries, black raspberry, huckleberries) combined with a prominent nuance of buttered rum, also the usual complex cooking herbs that is characteristic of this vineyard. All of these flavors are very concentrated, yet perfectly integrated and scrumptious. (3.5) Body: Heavyweight with excellent fruit, acidity and tannins. Coats the mouth very nicely, also shows some astringency. (3.5) Flavor: Parallels bouquet, but not quite as pretty. (3.0) Finish: Parallels flavor with a touch of bitterness. Still long and very tasty. . (3.0)
Overall: A complex Zin with concentrated Russian River fruit, mostly black and blue fruits. The bouquet is wonderfully exotic (buttered rum and herbs) and seamless. The flavor and finish show a little bitterness, but could come more into line with the bouquet in the next 3-5 years. Drinks truly outstanding even now, just give it a decanting before serving for now drinking. (16.5)

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