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88   2008  Domaine de Cambis  Caudomato  (Saint-Chinian)   8/18/13 ($14)

50% Carignan, 30% Grenache, 20% Syrah  13.5% alc
Color: Medium black cherry to red brick. (3.0) Bouquet: Interesting old vines earthiness and muskiness combined with blueberry, red plum and red cherry fruit complemented by fresh basil. (3.0) Body: Solid middleweight with very good fruit and acidity. Tangy mouthfeel. (2.5) Flavor: The addition of meat and game nuances combined with some bitterness. (2.5) Finish: Parallels bouquet with more elegance than the flavor. (3.0)
Overall: A very good Carignan blend that has complexity warranting a higher score, but its rustic terroir and slight bitterness bring it down a notch. Nonetheless, an overachiever for the price that is very food friendly. I typically don't think of French wines as going well with Southern Italian food, but this is an excellent pizza and pasta in red sauce wine. Its rustic characteristics pair well with this type of cuisine. The '09 version of this is even better, i.e., more balance and less bitterness. This wine from either vintage is much more my style than the (very ripe and oaky) old vines Carignan by Lafage that Parker got excited about recently. (14)

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