Tasting Notes                         

92   1999  Barone Ricasoli  Casalferro   10/1/11 ($35)

      75% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot    13.5% alc
Color: Deep garnet with some browning, but no clearing. Looks ready. (3.5) Bouquet: Milk chocolate, blackberries and tart black cherry with racy acidity. (3.5) Body: Light heavyweight with excellent acidity and fruit. Smooth tannins and atangy mouthfeel. (3.0) Flavor: The cherry and blackberry fruit is outstanding with tang. (3.5) Finish: Parallels flavor, but shows a little tart astringency here. (3.0)
Overall: Excellent Sangiovese blend that's ready to go. Shows an interesting mix of milk chocolate, with blackberries (very Merlot) and tart, tangy cherry with dusty Tuscan terroir (very Sangiovese). The Tuscan Sangiovese character is predominant, but the Merlot adds an extra dimension that is interesting and different. (16.5)


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