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89+   2010  C & P Breton  Chinon Beaumont (Loire)   11/22/12 ($22)

 100% Cabernet Franc   12% alc
Color: Deep purple black cherry to ruby. (3.0) Bouquet: Elegant cassis and tart berry. Pretty with white truffle. (3.0) Body: Middleweight with a silky mouthfeel. Well-balanced with elegance. (3.0) Flavor: Tart cherry with subtle clay and radish. (3.0) Finish: Tangy finish with red bell pepper. (3.0)
Overall: Elegant and perfectly balanced with tart cherry cassis fruit and nuances of clay, radish, red pepper and truffle. Fruit could be more forward and a bit more ageworthy structure would also be nice, but I like its subtle nuances and silky mouthfeel. Could improve in the next 2-4 years. (15.0)

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