Tasting Note                          

90   2001   Blackstone Napa Valley Merlot     7/30/04 ($15)

Color: A pretty, deep black cherry.(3.0) Bouquet: Rich varietal fruit with smooth oak and Napa terroir giving it spice and extra richness.(3.0) Body: The fruit and smooth tannins coat your mouth in harmony with each other. Balanced and rich, but I suspect only a short term ager. Still on the heavy side of middleweight.(1-2 yrs).(3.0) Flavor: Rich, acidity propelled blackberry fruit with black licorice and tannin.(3.0) Finish: Parallels flavor, but tannins are less prominent.(3.0)
Overall: An impressive merlot for the money with strong varietal character and concentrated fruit. All in balance with a lot of richness and just enough tannin. What’s most impressive is that its rich, varietal character is persistent from beginning to end. A great value.(15.0)