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89    2010  Bernard Baudry  Chinon Les Granges   6/2/12 ($17)

 100% CabernetFranc      12.5% alc
Color: Deep purple black cherry. (3.0) Bouquet: Subtle earthiness, radish and ground white pepper complement cherry cassis fruit. (3.0) Body: Middleweight with excellent fruit and acidity. (3.0) Flavor: Fresh and tangy with a touch of tartness intertwined with the sweet fruit. (3.0) Finish: Mineral tang lingers with the fruit, but has a slight tart edge and could show more complexity. (2.5)
Overall: Similar weight, tangy mineral and easy-drinking appeal of the Joulin Saumur. I'd give a slight edge to the Joulin due to more complexity. Nonetheless, this is a joy of a summer red. Excellent value! If you want something even more serious try their Les Grezeaux. (14.5)

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