Tasting Note                         

88   2003 Archery Summit P.N. – premier cuvee         2/24/06 ($27)

14.4% alc
Color: Medium black garnet, a little dark for P.N. (oak?). (3.0) Bouquet: Framboise and blackberry fruit with heavy oak and some heat, but strong, aromatic and slightly over the top in a good way. (3.0) Body: Light heavyweight with excellent fruit, but needs time for oak and alcohol to integrate. (3.0) Flavor: Nice fruit with animal fat and bitter oak. (2.5) Finish: Long, but hot, parallels bouquet, but more restrained. (2.5)
Overall: Some heat and a bit too much oak, but still has an impressive P.N. flavor profile that is well structured, as usual. (14.0)